Welcome to CHRC - Chesapeake Roller Club

Chesapeake Roller Club is a Maryland based Flying Roller competition club rich in promoting the Roller Hobby since 1959. Competitions held April through September, visitors are always welcome. 

Club News


The next club meeting will be held June 23, 2024, at Jim Bialozynski’s father’s house. Please reach out to Jim, if necessary, for the address.  A number of important issues will be up for discussion which require your attention and input.

Congratulations to CHRC Member Jason Herron

The 2023 NBRC Region 1C 11 bird qualifier was held this past weekend on September 2, 2023. Chesapeake Roller Club’s own Jason Herron emerged victorious and took home 1st place. Jason is joined in this photo by judge Jarod Murray (left) and Region 1C Director Jacob Cook (right). Jason flew 2 kits (1 hen, and 1 cock). Jason’s hens scored 151 points and secured him the victory. Congratulations Jason! and good luck in the NBRC National Championship 11 Bird Finals!


Current Members

Jim Bialozynski
Rob Bichell
Don Booe
Joe Brake
Emilio Chase
Dom Cirri
Mike Cunningham
Darik Ellis
Gregg Goods
Jason Herron
Mike Herron
Ricky Johnson
Veronica Johnson
Joe Klein
Carl Ludwig
Don McCrey
Brayden Miller
Jeff Miller
Steeve Moss
Russell Rogers
Ronnie Tony
Aziz Sallahudeen
Doug Sexton
Jeff Shore
Earl Smith
Javon Spence
John Walsh
Mike Walsh

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